Code Of Ethics

Illinois Manufactured Housing Association Preamble

As an assurance to the consumer of fair treatment, trustworthy advertising, fair sales practices, dependable service and lasting good faith as a member of the Illinois Manufactured Housing Association, we pledge that we will:

  1. Conduct ourselves at all times in a professional manner and appearance, which brings respect, credit, and prestige to the Association, and to the industry.
  2. Contribute constructively to the public image of manufactured home living in Illinois and the country.
  3. Represent accurately all products and services offered for sale.
  4. Fulfill all warranties, guarantees and similar obligations professionally, promptly and faithfully.
  5. Present a unified approach on matters affecting the interest of the industry before legislative and regulatory agencies when speaking on behalf of the Association.
  6. Cooperate with the Association in the investigation and resolution of any customer complaint.
  7. Disclose fully, in writing all fees, charges, assessments, rules and regulations prior to sale of a home and/or prior to leasing a home site in a manufactured home community.
  8. Endeavor at all times to promote products and services that shall contribute to the health, welfare and best interests of the public.
  9. Encourage research to develop high standards of construction of our industry products so that every home purchaser may receive the greatest value possible for his dollar.
  10. Extend all possible courtesies in providing good manufactured home community facilities.
  11. Develop and promote the Illinois Manufactured Housing Association in its rightful position as a prestigious voice in Illinois' expanding economy.
  12. Take responsibility for the actions of the employees or agents of our individual businesses.